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photography with Eduardo Feldman


Hi, I'm Eduardo Feldman

I believe that photography is the ultimate tool for observing the essence of life.

Being in the field taking photographs for National Geographic led me to be efficient and agile in my way of thinking, after much practice I designed a Methodology to take photographs and tell stories that fills me with emotion to share with the world.

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  • 2 Covers with National Geographic

  • I have published with Esquire, Huffington Post, Jpost, and others

  • 13 International Exhibitions
    Various international photography awards

  • Photographed and taught photography all over the world

  • Love to share knowledge and experiences

  • His TIKUN OLAM is to show the beauty of planet Earth and with that, generate awareness.

My method is called LECO, and it's an acronym for LightEquipment, Composition, and Output.

I will teach you to analyze each photographic situation and turn it into YOUR photography, but more importantly to exercise your own photographic muscle that as soon as you pick up the rhythm it activates itself and will elevate your photography to the next level.

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Making beautiful images is only the beginning, but turning them into collections and then into stories requires understanding "what motivates us to photograph".

In addition to the LECO Method I have developed my own Storytelling methodology, which I have applied for many years and allows me to plan my path as a photographer.

I will teach you how to practice Warm up Photography to turn it into Mindful photography, and from there together I will help you tell your own story.

Coming soon!

Fine Art Prints

Learn: The LECO Way


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