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The LECO Method offers a two-fold approach to photography education. Firstly, it provides an exceptional basic course that is clear, progressive, and efficient. Secondly, it serves as the ultimate complement for those who possess a basic understanding of photography but need some direction to overcome their creative blockages or to clarify certain concepts.



The course has a total of 5 sessions, one session for each module (L, E, C, & O), an outdoor practice at night where all the concepts will crystallize as well as be super fun :)

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Locations & Availability

Choose the city of your preference



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You will learn to think, see and react as a photographer


LECO is a proven method from more than 10 years, it will help you to think as photographers DO in an agile way.

Each Module is independent, but it is important to take them in the right order.

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As a National Geographic photographer, you simply can't waste unique opportunities.


I designed the LECO Method for myself, to be more efficient and effective in the field, now I share it with more people because I am convinced that it is the best way to take photography.



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For whom is this course directed?

Anyone who wants to get started with photography, anyone who wants to improve their photography, and get inspired.

Who is the instructor?

Eduardo Feldman is the creator of the LECO method and the instructor of this course, he has 2 covers with National Geographic and several international awards, to see his work you can do it here, to know his BIO you can do it here

Can I go with my cell phone camera?
Of course! LECO works with both basic (Mobile) and DSLR cameras, obviously, mobile cameras have some
 limitations, but they also have advantages!

I have never taken a photography course, does the LECO Method work for me?
But of course, I guarantee that you will learn much more than any "common" photography course.

I have already taken photography courses, is it worth learning the LECO Method?
Only if you are willing to add new information to your mind, polish photographic logic and learn to think like an experienced photographer.

Is there any physical effort during the course?
The sessions of the Modules are in a closed place with AC, however, the practice of outdoor photography requires a bit of walking, please write here if you have any questions.

What happens if I cannot attend a module, can I resume the class?
Of course! It is another advantage of the LECO Method, it is modular, so if you miss a session, you can take it in the next course.

How many people are there per course?
The approximate number is between 8 and 12 people.

In what languages is the LECO course available?
We offer LECO in Hebrew and English (Please be aware before you select the course)

Do you have questions?
Please contact us.

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